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Tue Aug 10 01:20:33 EDT 2010

[cid:image002.gif at 01CB388E.D014B2C0]<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608793>

Dear Librarian

We are very happy to announce Wiley Online Library is now live. Visit Wiley Online Library<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608793> to access the new site.

[cid:image003.gif at 01CB388E.D014B2C0]<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608793>As a reminder, this site replaces Wiley InterScience and provides access to over 4 million articles from 1500 journals, 9000 books, and hundreds of multi-volume reference works, laboratory protocols and databases from John Wiley & Sons, including content from the key imprints of Wiley-Blackwell, Wiley-VCH, Jossey-Bass, and from hundreds of scholarly and professional societies. It features a clean and easy-to-use new user interface, intuitive navigation, enhanced discoverability, expanded functionalities, and a range of personalization and alerting options. Some of the new features to note:
*         Access Icons indicate free, licensed and Online Open content
*         Enhanced journal home pages with news and other added value features
*         New subject pages combining all product types and news by subject
*         Improved full text HTML article display - pop up references, enlarge images, in-article navigation - plus easy access to article PDFs
*         Federated access/Shibboleth compliance for UK customers first - other regional federations to follow
*         COUNTER-compliant usage reports - available from September

Resources About the New Site
[cid:image004.gif at 01CB388E.D014B2C0]<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608794>

Go to the Information Site<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608794>

[cid:image005.gif at 01CB388E.D014B2C0]<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608795>

Download Slide Show<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608795>

[cid:image006.gif at 01CB388E.D014B2C0]<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608815>

View Online Brochure<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608815>


We recommend you take the following steps to support the integration of Wiley Online Library into your services:

Take a look at the site and become familiar with how it works
*         Register for a free online training workshop<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608797>
*         View an online tutorial<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608798>
*         Download a User Guide<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608799>
*         Add links to the Wiley Online Library tutorials or upload the introductory slideshow<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608795> to your library or departmental website
Check that you have access to the content that you would expect
*         All online licenses from Wiley InterScience have been migrated to Wiley Online Library. This includes current and perpetual access rights.
*         All content that was on Wiley InterScience has been migrated to Wiley Online Library. Note that for some journal backfiles there are a few missing issues or articles which we continue to work with the British Library to locate and digitize.
*         If you have not already activated your access to an online product, please do so now.
*         Update your library's federated search system with the new Wiley Online Library Z39.50 URL for journals: onlinelibrary.wiley.com:210
Check that your links to content are working correctly
*         Links through third party sites, such as link resolvers, will be redirected automatically.
*         Update any other links, including old manual Wiley InterScience and Blackwell Synergy links, so that they use the new Wiley Online Library OpenURL syntax or DOI-based URL structure<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608800> (PDF)
*         New URLs for all products can be found in the title spreadsheets on Resources for Librarians<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608801>
*         Even though redirects are in place we still recommend you take the opportunity to update any old links so that they use the new Wiley Online Library URL structure.
Check your Customer Administrator page
*         You can log into the Customer Administrator<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608802> page using the same login that you used for Wiley InterScience
*         Check that your Administrator Contact details are correct and up-to-date.
*         Check that your institutional library logo, text and link appear correctly. If not then you can upload a new one.
*         You can access your Wiley InterScience usage reports through this Customer Administrator page. New COUNTER-compliant Wiley Online Library usage reports will be available from September.
*         Note that the Holdings File is not yet available online - still under construction.
Promote Wiley Online Library to your user community
*         Send out news alerts via your library blog, twitter or other news service.
*         Place the Wiley Online Library logo onto your library website with new information about the site. Use our Promotional Tools<http://olabout.wiley.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-404509.html>
*         Add links from your library or departmental websites to the subject landing pages and information resources as appropriate: Wiley Online Library URL structure spreadsheet<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608803>
*         Use the user guides and other resources that become available to educate users about the new site, including the new student intake and faculty returning for a new academic year.
*         Register to receive updates about future Wiley Online Library developments
o    Sign up for library e-mail alerts<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608804>, including our Librarian Newsletter, and specify your subject area of interest
o    Become a fan on Facebook<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608805>
o    Follow us on Twitter<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608806>
o    Register<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608816> for Content Alerts to receive e-mails or RSS feeds of the latest journals tables of contents in your subject areas.
o    Reset your Saved Search alerts to receive the latest content in a defined area.

If you need further Information or Help

Please visit our Customer Services site: www.wileycustomerhelp.com<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608790>.
*         Search for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions using our Online Self-Help service.
*         Submit any queries via our Ask a Question service - our customer support team will respond directly to you.
*         The Transition Information site continues to be available at wileyonlinelibrary.com/info<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608791>
*         For questions about subscriptions or licensing our content, please contact your usual subscription agent or Wiley-Blackwell representative<http://dmmsclick.wiley.com/click.asp?p=10390031&m=29470&u=608807>.


Thecla Teo (Ms)
E: tteo at wiley.com

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